Kamloops, British Columbia

Overlooking the confluence of the North and South Thompson rivers, this home is sited in a residential cul-de-sac on an arid and spacious promontory adjacent to untended public land. The clients and their young family required a home well connected to the outdoors, both visually and physically.

The home is a spacious yet compact single level and basement with two large shed roofs separated by a glazed clerestory to admit controlled southern light. Extreme seasonal temperature variations of over 60ºc in this arid corner of British Columbia are accounted for with large overhangs, thick mass walls and a robust building envelope. The exterior is clad in cement panels and douglas fir siding, with a corrugated gutter free metal roof.

This home seeks to embed itself in the beautiful arid landscape of pines, Russian Olives and sagebrush, turning its back on the 1970’s suburban neighborhood of stucco clad homes which precede it. The earth, a tan-coloured sedimentary silt deposited over millennia by the rivers, forms a powerful motif in the tone and texture of the home.