West Vancouver British Columbia 3500 sf

This home is sited on the water in West Vancouver’s Dundarave neighborhood. The lot is an infill urban lot, of modest dimensions. The home is a downsizing effort by the owners who live half the time on the Gulf Islands. A public pathway and railway separate the lot from the water and the southern views, creating a challenging situation for privacy, noise and sunlight. In particular, the upper bedroom floor had to maintain views from the master bedroom, naturally sited on the southern side, yet set back far enough to secure privacy. To see, yet not be seen- to create refuge and security while living in a glass box- this was the challenge set by our clients.

To resolve this, a screening device for the exterior on the upper floor is employed as the motif- a screen that varies its pitch to permit sunlight and views, and at times blocks views from the public pathway and water. It is used horizontally and vertically- both as a screen and a trellis for a hanging garden of mauve wisteria.

Composed of anodized aluminum fins, the screen varies in pitch according to location. The base of the home is a thermal mass concrete wall, sandwiching insulation between two concrete walls. Inside, the material palette picks the tone and texture of the adjacent beach- light oak floors, warm grey concrete walls and anthracite cabinetry. Landscaping is kept deliberately low on the south side with beach grasses and native shoreline vegetation. The north entry side of the house softly integrates itself into the fabric of the street with vine maples and other native plants.