Vancouver British Columbia 4500 sf

Sited within walking and bike commuting distance of downtown Vancouver, this single family home is designed to German Passivhaus standards. Our client’s brief was for a warm, adaptable family home with a strong connection to the natural environment and, if possible, the incorporation of practical green building technology. The Passivhaus program seemed a logical choice given that the focus is on energy efficiency. Energy consumption and production over the lifespan of a building, both electrical and natural gas, are two of the biggest contributing factors to greenhouse gasses today.

Passiv technology reduces energy needs by as much as 90% over conventional construction methods, using a high amount of insulation and a very tight building envelope. Passive solar heat gain from sunlight hitting the dark concrete floors will be a significant contributing factor to heating the house. All the windows and doors are triple glazed for increased energy savings. Exterior walls are rated at R50 to prevent heat loss and dispense with the need for a conventional heating system.

The layout is compact and efficient, incorporating a basement in-law suite with walk out at grade, home theatre and gym, a his and hers office/study area, and three bedrooms on the uppermost floor. The plan is split level, which allows for walkout at grade for both the main living space on the south side and the in-law suite in the basement. A rooftop garden and trellis mitigate the effects of excessive southwest heat gain in warmer months.

The exterior is clad in dark grey metal cladding and slate panels, with an emphasis on durability and natural feel.