Burgers Architecture is a team of talented architects, interior designers, intern architects and technologists led by Cedric Burgers. Cedric received his Master of Architecture from the University of British Columbia, and is registered architect in the province of British Columbia and has lived and worked in Berlin and Vietnam. Robert and Marieke Burgers founded Burgers Architecture in 1981. Robert received his diploma in architecture and engineering from the Universiy of Delft, Netherlands, and upon immigrating to Canada in 1967 the couple brought a crisp European modernism to Canada's West Coast.

Burgers Architecture's approach is that there is no limit to what can be bettered through design. Projects range from funiture to industrial facilities and planning. We oversee all phases of a projects development, and are often responsible for the construction. Over the life of the firm, Burgers Architecture has completed community facilities, offices for BC Hydro, industrial facilities, and a number of single-family residences. Our approach to design can be summed up as global ideas, local knowledge; meaning that ideas and products come from all parts of the world while the local offers unique opportunities for a distince expression. The synthesis of these two forces is the dynamic upon which our architectural expression lies.

Burgers Architecture has been recognized with many awards and publications. These include Lieutenant Govemor of Britesh Columbia Awards, Design Exchange Gold medal for Sustainable Design, and multiple winners of Western Living Magazine's Home of the Year and Eco-designer of the Year. A full list of Publications and Awards can be viewed on our website.