Freybe Factory

Freybe Gourmet Foods is a 120,000 square foot facility that integrates production, shipping, laboratories and office space all under one roof. Since its opening, the Freybe facility has received much recognition as the example of how to build a cost effective, environmentally efficient building that is also capable of design excellence.

All materials are fully recyclable and allow for a total flexibility to add to or change the building as required. A bio-filtration system employs ponds, reeds and other planting materials to filter the water from the parking surface and rooftops. It is then released over time into the salmon bearing Maja Creek. The system was developed with the support of Environment Canada and has become the standard for the remaining properties adjacent to the creek. Wastewater is collected, treated and released to standards exceeding GCRD wastewater expectations. Smoke generated for product enhancement is based upon technology that does not release and contaminant or odor into the atmosphere. Mechanical equipment exceeds the new GVRD standards for energy efficiency and particle emission.