Rik Negus
Sr. Architectural technologist

Rik began his career in architecture in the fall of 1964 when his father, an architect, took him to work and sat Rik down at a drawing board.

In the following years Rik was employed by a number of architectural firms mostly in the area of public buildings including Schools, Fire Halls, Libraries, Ice Arenas, Swimming Pools and Community Buildings.

In 2001 Rik began his relationship with the Burgers Architecture team and began providing his services to him in the area of single-family housing and unique architectural projects at the Burgers office.  

Now 50 plus years into his career, Rik is highly proficient in the use of CAD and 3d modeling technology. Rik embraces the concept of life long learning, he is forever a beginner and thus continually learning and expanding his knowledge of his field of endeavor.  Rik brings an incredible depth of knowledge to BAI, yet lives and works on the cutting edge of technology.